This is what the extra 10lbs are made of…

Needless to say, my nutrient consumption today had much to be desired. Down the street from where I live there is this AMAZING doughnut shop, and I had promised to pick some up for work. Then I decided, what the hey? I should get some for Clarke Kent as a celebration.

He totally deserves it. He just landed a great new job that means I will only see him on weekends for the time being, and I wanted to surprise him.


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Tuesday’s Work Out and Inspiration

Tuesday 11/29  Work Out

15 minute stairmaster warm-up

1 hour lifting starting with machines (2 reps of 12)

  • Weight room major muscle
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Row
  • Tricep kickback
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Dip
  • Leg Squat Machine
  • Calf Raises
  • Roman Chair
  • Incline Bench

Studio Work

  • Mountain Climber 20
  • 5 Squat Jumps
  • Tracy Anderson Ab set
  • TA Leg Set
  • 10 pushups alternate girl and regular
  • 30 squats with twist
  • Dumbbell Deltoid
  • Scissor
  • Lunges High/Low 20

15 Minute Run on Treadmill

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Rewards for Success

As you may have read previously, I’m pretty big on rewarding myself, but only if it’s warranted. I consider myself to have a very positive attitude, and that can be a dangerous thing. I’m happy. I don’t give myself a really hard time, I work very hard, but when the shit hits the fan, I go somewhere else that doesn’t smell bad.

Now I work relatively hard. But there is always room for a little more ass kicking, and that’s where my reward system comes in. When I need to push it this is what gets me through. Call me materialistic if you want, but it works, try it. When you buy something, do something, anything; it should have a special meaning to you. You should be able to look back at that moment and say, “yeah that was totally worth it.”

Here are my current goals and rewards:

  • Below 135lbs: Cute flats
  • Each 2 weeks maintaining below 135= 1 pair flats
  • Hit 130: New purse (my purse selection leaves much to be desired)
  • Maintain below 130lbs for 2 weeks: Everyday khakis
  • Maintain below 130 for 1 month:Every day bootleg jeans and 2 tops
  • Pass ACSM: Boots
  • A in easy class: random accessory
  • A in Chemistry: cute loafers and anthro top

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Calorie Counting

OK. So counting calories sucks. Seriously. I know it works well for a lot of people, but I hated math in school and I still hate it now. So I’m choosing to tackle more of my emotional eating habits as well as my sweet tooth. Because, “My name is a palindrome”, does not warrant a delicious treat.

So today the stats stand as follows:
Weight: 138
Work out: None. I’m being honest here. I worked from 5 am to 5 pm at the gym. Teaching people how to lift weight counts right?

Chobani Black Cherry
2 cans of diet Dr Pepper
3 oatmeal raisin pecan cookies
Salad (Spinach, Goat cheese, tomatoes, and papaya dressing)
1 bowl chili w/ mozerella cheese and sour cream
Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls

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Be this, not that




OK. So I’m a little sick of myself right now. I’m tired of yo-yo-ing the same 10 lbs. And I’m even more tired of kicking ass at the gym only to blow it it with a bag of candy corn. Which brings me to Operation Transformation. I’m going to put it all out there. My eating habits. My workouts. My sleep issues. My waistline, % body fat, everything.

Current Stats:

Weight: 137

Height: 5’7″

To Follow my eating habits you can check out my profile at thedailyplate (frogfiles). Based on my stats I should be consuming about 1300 calories a day. Each day I will keep you posted on my ups and downs of this journey as well as my work outs.

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My Closet…

Is pretty bare. I like it that way. After changing majors and “finding myself” I took the time to go through everything I owned and sell or donate what simply wasn’t “me”. I have much more clarity now, and though I have to do laundry more frequently, I rarely have a “I have nothing to wear!” moment.

Clothes mean so much more to me now. They are rewards to my accomplishment… Not I’m a good person, I deserve these shoes accomplishments… but real, I busted my ass for that grade accomplishments.

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Too True!

I love this little comic blip found here. My family is British and I am literally the only person that does not like tea. Not one bit. Not even the smell. I find it absolutely repulsive. In fact I’m pretty sure my grandmother just rolled over in her grave.

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