Thursday Workout and A Personal Update

Well the title is misleading. Today there was no workout. I went into work at 5 (I work at a gym so that counts for something right??) I left for class at one and was back to work from 4:30 to 7:30. Therefore no workout. My eating was good today though with a granola bar this morning and a Tuna Sandwich with lots of greenery for dinner/lunch. I’m kind of in a haze right now with the semester coming to a close and Clarke’s new job (not to mention I’m getting sick).

So yeah, Clarke Kent got a new job! I’m super happy for him, just sad that for the time being I will only be able to see him on weekends. It’s a great opportunity, and I told him as long as he misses me as much as I miss him we’ll be fine. This way I can focus more on my school and he can keep kicking butt at his job.

Stay tuned for Weekend Inspiration and Work Outs!


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