Be this, not that




OK. So I’m a little sick of myself right now. I’m tired of yo-yo-ing the same 10 lbs. And I’m even more tired of kicking ass at the gym only to blow it it with a bag of candy corn. Which brings me to Operation Transformation. I’m going to put it all out there. My eating habits. My workouts. My sleep issues. My waistline, % body fat, everything.

Current Stats:

Weight: 137

Height: 5’7″

To Follow my eating habits you can check out my profile at thedailyplate (frogfiles). Based on my stats I should be consuming about 1300 calories a day. Each day I will keep you posted on my ups and downs of this journey as well as my work outs.


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One response to “Be this, not that

  1. Wow, i really thinking you are the perfect weight for your height.
    Im 4 “11” and a half and 115lbs and you are about 8 inches taller.
    Thats much more taller than i am.
    But of course, the only thing that matters is what makes you happy.

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