Personal Update

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. I’ve been super busy. What’s new? But guess what!

My internship is kicking ass/ I am kicking ass at my internship. Summer Classes are kicking my ass… By the way who’s idea was it to take Biomechanics online!? (I am soooo lucky my dad is an engineer.) So quite obviously,  my time has been spread thin. With coaching swim team, teaching lessons, first internship, job #2, online classes, and something slightly resembling a personal life… I have no time to do what I love best. Working out!

Which made me realize, maybe it’s my approach that’s wrong. When life is crazy, and your motivation to get in to a gym and kick some booty is hard to find, maybe a romp on the treadmill, or swimming laps for and hour and a half isn’t gonna be quite as effective as usual. Add that to my desire to figure out what group ex classes I may want to start teaching, and ta-da! I got it! I need to start experimenting with classes I haven’t tried yet.

Like Body Combat! Instant favorite! It was hard at first, because let’s face it, my comfort zone does not include choreographed kick and punching sequences. And by no means is that anywhere near chasing a ball back and forth or swimming umpteen laps in a straight line, but GAWD! After 3 classes, I had things a little under my belt, and was back to kicking some serious booty.



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