Men Talk Funny: Example #4

As you know Clarke and I have been seeing each other in a wonderfully sweet and awkward way since late last August, and it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago today he “asked” me to live with him. Before I go into that story, let me first say, that it was about damn time. Two weeks leading up to it I was there everyday, even though many days I had to get up at 4 am to open the gym… and before that everyday besides those days.

So Saturday morning rolls ’round, and we are drinking coffee before I need to go coach my swim clinics, watching Top Gear. And he says:

Man: You know I kind of regret getting rid of internet.

Me: You and me both… I kind of need it for school.

Man: Well I tell you what… If you get the internet here you can say you live here.

Me: Ok…

Man: Hold on I want to see this.

…45 minutes later.

Me: Can you pause the TV?

Man: Sure

Me: Ok. Just so you know, I have no problem paying for the internet. It’s something I need for school, but I have NO interest in just saying I live here. Either you want me to or you don’t.

Man: Of course I want you to live here.

Me: OK. Issue #2 then, I can’t afford a mortgage. I just can’t. And my priority right now is saving up enough money that I can be as free of debt as possible.

Man: I understand that.

Me: Well I don’t think it’s fair to you if I don’t contribute more.

Man: And I know that, and I wouldn’t expect you to feel any differently, but right now you have been paying for all the groceries and stuff so don’t worry about it. There’s other ways you can help out.

Me: Ok. (YAY!!!!!!!)


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