Get Excited!

For ASOS’s AW ’10, shot by Park & Cube.

I am LOVING the last bag, and the SHOES! I want all of them. ASOS never fails to make me shop-happy. And on a more personal note I’m back (obviously) and today is the first day of fall classes. My trip was wonderful, unfortunately we forgot the camera so I don’t have any good pictures, just a few cell phone shots my boyfriend took. But don’t worry, I’ll take pictures of some of the things we brought home, such as the old prints of historical landmarks in Richmond, VA, an old green glass dish I’m using to hold cotton balls, a weird collection of animal cookie cutters, etc.

And because you’re dying to know, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke were amazing! Though I actually like UNC better. It’s definitely my top choice for medical school, but we’re going to look into transferring before that. We’ll see, I need to research more what the best pre-med schools are, and what scholarships I may get at private institutions, but above all it depends on where my man gets a job after graduating in spring. (Fingers crossed)


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