Art Storage

I have always had a difficult time storing all my art, though I’m not an illustration major anymore, I still work on stuff and hold on to just about everything. Besides the sheer volume of art one can manage to collect, I have a major obsession with creating/buying large pieces. And when you have all this art where are you going to put it? I don’t have a huge apartment and I really don’t like leaning everything up against a wall exposed and I need as much room as possible in the closet for shoes.

My solution: Imagine a more modern looking bed platform, clean lines, etc. with a custom made trundle underneath to store my art, as opposed to a spare mattress. It won’t be that difficult to build, not to mention more affordable. Now many platform beds do have drawers underneath, but I want the whole underside of my queen size bed to consist of one drawer that either opens at the foot of the bed or the side.

Here’s some bed styles I’m looking at.


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